Mar 17, 2009

Conquering Resin

Conquering Resin

I finally tried my hand at pouring resin to add a durable coating to my altered dominoes.

This altered domino necklace, Romeo & Juliet is one of my first attempts and it is now listed in my Etsy shop -

It really wasn't difficult working with the resin at all. You just have to make sure you have everything ready before you start mixing the two components. There is only so much working time with the mixed resin.

I set up the dominoes to coat on some glazed tiles that fit inside a large cookie tin. The dominoes were elevated about 1" on the tiles with tiny bits of wood.

Once I started pouring the resin I used an old paintbrush to dab resin on the edges where it hadn't flowed. This wasn't hard, just a bit time consuming.

When the gas bubbles appeared on the surface I just gently exhaled on them and they magically vanished.

The hard part is waiting the 72 hours for the resin to cure. I did peak a number of times inside the tins to see how things were progessing.

I am pleased with the results, the surface is certainly more durable than any other product I have tried. All others seemed to scuff or scratch way to easily. Resin is the way to go.

Now I have loads more to coat!

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