Aug 17, 2013

~~ Faux Garage Door Windows ~~

Been rather busy as of late, revamping our garage doors with a new paint job, including faux windows and carriage hinges. Last summer we had our old farmhouse resided, which looks fantastic (the siding fella went far and beyond to fix up this ol' house)!

And since last summer I have been dealing with health issues, including total body inflammation, leaky gut and horribly low white blood count which is apparently the result of a very rare chronic leukemia. So...I have been on the mend, cutting out gluten, taken whole food supplements and starting on methotraxate. And now my blood is normal, yeah! Praise the Lord!!

Now I feel pretty much like my old self and chomping at the bit to get some projects completed. So here is a picture of my current project. The door on the left is the old paint scheme and the door on the left is the new one. I think it has turned out pretty nice and the windows look real from the road. So I am happy.

Now to tackle the second door....

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