Dec 27, 2009


I am always open to finding and trying new techniques for creating and while perusing an older issue of Somerset Studio I came across an ad for Tissue Collage Sheets from Blackberry Designs. Their collage sheets have many of the same fine art images that I have used in my designs, so I figured that there must be some way to achieve the same tissue sheets using my Epson printer - the only ink that doesn't run.

After a bit of searching, numerous tutorials revealed the secret to printing on tissue. The method that seemed the easiest was using both tissue paper and freezer paper.

Apply a sheet of tissue to the shiny side of the freezer paper with a warm iron. Then cut this sheet to fit your printer. I cut my sheets to 8 1/2 x 11.

Then print an image to the paper, I didn't use any special settings, just the default settings. The image printed nicely. I let the image dry a bit before attempting to cut away the excess paper. Using an Exacto knife didn't prove to be very successful, sort of chewed up the edge, even with a new blade. So I used scissors, which worked fine.

Once the image has been cut out, flip it over, find a corner to loosen and very slowly and carefully peel the freezer paper off the tissue.

I had a lightly painted canvas board just laying around, so I grabbed that, applied a layer of Mod Podge and carefully placed the tissue image on the canvas.

Another layer of Mod Podge was applied to thesurface of the tissue, again very carefully so it doesn't tear from the moisture. Then with water moistened fingertips I worked on removing wrinkles in the image. Remove any puddles of water from around the image with a paper towel.

Not all the wrinkles came out. In this particular picture I like how it makes it look rather antique.

I also tried applying Mod Podge to both the canvas and the back of the tissue before applying it. It worked okay for a smaller piece but while trying it on a larger image, the image rolled and curled on itself. I tried to save it, but the tissue started to disintegrate. It could not be saved!

This last picture shows the results of the second version of applying the tissue, by coating both the canvas & the paper. The tissue almost disappears into the rough surface of the canvas.

Now I plan to try this technique for collaging treasure boxes and purses. Should be interesting!


SewDanish-Scandinavian Textile Art, Unique Handmade Supplies said...

Thank you for sharing. I will deffinately give it a go. I love running all sort through the printer (when my husband is out :-)
I haven't worked with Mod Podge before, so that will be exciting.
Happy New Year!

Kathleen said...

Thanks Birgitte, this is a fun new technique that I hope to incorporate into some of my items in the near future. I do love the look of vintage graphics on my purses and boxes. Adds so much more interest.

VintageThreads said...

Oh, Kathleen! You are adventurous with your printer! Thanks for sharing the technique! On another note, I never did get to hear the Vienna Boys Choir as you so nicely prompted! I was alone that day and not feeling well, so had to forgo it! How did your last show go that you were readying yourself for? My best to you in the new year! Oh, yes, I was published AGAIN in the Jan/Mar issue of Belle Armoire with two of my bags! I'm pleased beyond words! Alisa