Oct 27, 2009

Beatles Cigar Box Purse/CD Holder

One of my more successful creations is this fun Beatles Cigar Box Purse or CD Holder, made from a black Punch box. I collage photocopies of my vintage Beatles photos to the 4 sides of the box, polyurethane the outside, add a fun handle, felt and feet on the bottom, a sturdy hasp closure and voila - a great conversation piece, a fun purse to carry or a original treasure box.

I try to have a least one of these boxes made for each craft fair that I attend and they always sell. Sometimes the very first thing.

Fortunately I have several of the Punch boxes waiting to be transformed. Since I have a big show on Dec. 5, I had better get a couple started!


Julie said...

Very creative! I can see why they are a big seller for you!

Nora said...

very unique and creative

Rita said...

Very unique - love it. rita w